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Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Inaugural in-residence programme to host internationally-renowned health practitioners throughout 2023

Pictured (l-r): The Datai Langkawi aerial view; yoga on the beach of Datai Bay

In celebration of its 30th anniversary this year, The Datai Langkawi is pleased to announce the launch of Serenity - The Datai Well-being Series. The new wellness programme brings the very best holistic practitioners from around the world to the heart of the Malaysian rainforest to host a series of residencies for resort guests.

Throughout 2023, Serenity - The Datai Well-Being Series will welcome a curated line-up of visiting practitioners, selected for their extensive experience, expertise, and holistic approach. Ranging from consultations and one-on-one sessions to group workshops, the programme will embrace a diverse platform of specialisms, from ancient disciplines including acupuncture, yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and singing bowl sound healing therapy; to alternative medical practices such as chiropody and podiatry; and contemporary therapies such as neuroscience.

The six practitioners who will take residence for the maiden edition of Serenity - The Datai Well-Being Series are confirmed as:

  • 14-18 March, Bastien Gonzalez, Podiatrist, France

  • 1-10 April, Dr Rui Pedro Loureiro, TCM/Acupuncture, Portugal

  • 14-25 June, Paul Emery, Creator: A Peaceful Mind, Thailand

  • 7-17 August, Roxanne De Guzman, Fitness Professional and Yoga Instructor, Canada

  • 7-14 October, Christina Shiu, Singing Bowl Sound Healing Practitioner, Singapore

  • 24-31 December, Dr Rafael Bagheri, Chiropractor, Canada

Recently awarded ‘Sustainable Spa of the Year’ at the World Spa & Wellness Awards, The Spa at The Datai Langkawi offers immersive treatments inspired by the beauty and generosity of the natural environment to induce a sensory journey of overall well-being. Surrounded by a 10 million-year-old rainforest, treatments are Ramuan-based, a traditional Malay healing therapy harnessing local and natural ingredients from the rainforest, mangroves and sea for their numerous health benefits. Uniquely Malaysian, Ramuan dates back over several millennia and draws from a myriad of cultures, echoing Malaysia’s own history. As well as respecting local healing traditions, The Datai Langkawi reflects Ramuan’s heritage of evolution by striving to continuously innovate and embrace relevant contemporary practices. In this spirit, Serenity aims to nurture guests with experiences that rejuvenate mind, body and spirit, and instil a sense of harmony.

The Datai Langkawi’s well-being experiences incorporate Ramuan in its different forms:

  • The Malay Wellness Journey. This award-winning wellness activity to restore and revitalise is based on the Ramuan practice of forest therapy. Consisting of a half day programme, it combines the ritual Mandi Embun (meaning bathing in the morning dew) with conscious movement, exercise and massage, using plant-based therapies.

  • The Spa. With 28 awards won to date including ‘Sustainable Spa of the Year’ at the World Spa & Wellness Awards in 2022. The Spa’s treatments are Ramuan-based and made from healing and invigorating botanicals.

  • The Akar product range. The Datai Langkawi's own 100% organic range of oils and scrubs, derived from the sea, mangrove and rainforest, is based on the Ramuan system of using plant-based ingredients to detoxify, rejuvenate and regenerate.

  • Nature activities. A wide selection of nature excursions are paired with education on the rainforest’s floral and faunal inhabitants.

  • Nutrition. Flowers, herbs and spices, some with medicinal properties, are hand-picked from the rainforest or cultivated in the permaculture garden for use in the resort’s cuisine.

Arnaud Girodon, General Manager of The Datai Langkawi, comments: “The last few years have seen a dramatic rise in advancements and technological innovations in wellness, while, at the same time, research continues to support the undisputed regenerative and nurturing power of nature. At The Datai Langkawi, we are blessed to be surrounded by the uniquely healing terrains of the primeval rainforest, the sea and the mangrove, with nature at the heart of our well-being offering. With Serenity, we aim to create an evolving well-being platform, distilling the very best practitioners in their chosen fields from around the world. It is a diverse programme that explores the innovative, the alternative and the enduring, all rooted in a natural, authentic core. We want to give our guests experiences that go beyond the moment and beyond their stay, instilling a profound sense of harmony, and changing the way they look at themselves and the world around them."

Pictured (l-r): Bastien Gonzalez; Dr Rui Pedro Loureiro; Paul Emery

Bastien Gonzalez, Podiatrist, France, 14-18 March 2023

Bastien Gonzalez is famous worldwide for his meticulous and unique approach to foot treatments. He has won multiple awards for his signature podiatrist studio and services including Men's Spa Treatment of the Year for the Pedi:MENi:Cure by Bastien Gonzalez and overall Spa Treatment Of the Year by the AsiaSpa Awards. His studio, the Pedi:Mani:Cure Studio by Bastien Gonzalez was also named World’s Best Nail Studio Brand by the World Spa Awards. A Paris-trained podiatrist, Gonzalez was one of the first practitioners to pioneer an integrated approach to hands, nails and feet, combining health and natural beauty in his treatment protocol. Gonzalez began his career with a medical clinic in Paris, after which he set up his practice and moved to work with luxury hotels in Paris, London and New York before expanding his practice further afield. His unique treatments employ medical-grade care of the nails, whilst incorporating deep massage, relieving any muscle tension or heaviness from toe-to-knee or finger-to-elbow. Gonzalez has also developed a celebrated product line, Révérence de Bastien, and is currently working on setting up a training academy to bring his revered treatments to the wider world.

Dr Rui Pedro Loureiro, Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture, Portugal, 1-10 April 2023

Dr Rui Pedro Loureiro is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctor and licensed acupuncturist and combines ancient wisdoms with contemporary diagnostics in his practice. He offers services ranging from a full Epigenetic Test that provides a detailed report about a person’s health in the preceding six to eight months, ‘Quit Smoking For Life’ using electro acupuncture, Holistic Facial Rejuvenation and a revolutionary Bio-Gold Infusion Facial, as well as assistance in improving sleep, reducing stress and anxiety, and tonifying one's immune system, amongst others. He has amassed numerous accreditations and training in his 23 years of clinical practice, including a Bachelor's Degree from Chengdu's University of Chinese Medicine in China, and postgraduate degrees in Cosmetic Acupuncture from CMIR/ACUMEDIC in London and Beijing's University of Chinese Medicine. He is responsible for the Chinese Medicine Department at St. Louis Hospital in Lisbon and is the Clinical Director of Clinica Cura Pura in Aveiro, in Portugal. Dr Loureiro has also enjoyed stints with leading luxury hotels as a Healing Master and visiting practitioner.

Paul Emery, Creator: A Peaceful Mind, Thailand, 14-25 June 2023

Paul Emery uses a unique and powerful combination of the best and most effective mind/body techniques, developed over the past four decades by internationally renowned medical professionals. He has combined them to create a new form of treatment called A Peaceful Mind. This includes elements from NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Energy Medicine, Kinesiology, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), TFT (Thought Field Therapy), along with his current neuroscience-based technique, the Havening Technique. This rapid psychosensory treatment gently releases unwanted emotional responses such as stress, anxiety and worry by combining tapping meridian acupressure points, or therapeutic touch to the arms and face alongside visualisation. Paul’s QEPR coaching service was awarded the prestigious ‘Asia Spa - Holistic Treatment of the Year 2010 Award’ and he is the author of the book ‘Simple Stress and Anxiety Relief with EFT’. Emery was a resident at Chiva-Som International Health Resort for over six years and has been a visiting consultant at many of the world's top resorts. His international clientele includes Hollywood and Bollywood stars, as well as politicians, rock and pop stars, royalty, doctors and even psychiatrists.

Pictured (l-r): Roxanne De Guzman; Christina Shiu; Dr Rafael Bagheri

Roxanne De Guzman, Fitness Professional and Yoga Instructor, Canada, 7-17 August 2023

Roxanne De Guzman is a highly experienced fitness professional and yoga instructor, as well as a spa and wellness consultant. In her private fitness training and yoga sessions, she works one-to-one with guests, focusing on their unique goals based on where they are in their fitness and well-being regimen while incorporating a youthful and playful mindset. Roxanne offers a range of services including a personalised fitness training programme on-site (with the option of a tailored take-home programme); private and group yoga sessions, incorporating Vinyasa, Hatha, Iyengar, Ashtanga or Jivamukti styles; or Thai yoga stretch sessions: a blend of passive yoga with Thai massage, PNF stretching and shiatsu pressure points. Roxanne has been involved in the fitness and spa industries for over 25 years and has amassed numerous certifications and licenses, working and consulting with top luxury resorts around the world.

Christina Shiu, Singing Bowl Sound Healing Practitioner, Singapore, 7-14 October 2023

Christina Shiu is a singing bowl specialist and founder of The Singing Bowl Gallery in Singapore. She has been conducting and teaching singing bowl sound healing therapy and singing bowl workshops for over nine years. These therapies employ sound healing in which sound and vibrations permeate the body to restore peace and harmony. They are also thought to offer powerful healing properties. Christina’s teachings are rooted in the world-renowned singing bowl masters, Santa Shakya and Shree Shahi. She regularly conducts wellness sessions with singing bowls for corporations and government agencies in Singapore and has performed in opening ceremonies at regional events. Christina also specialises in training and has been invited to train spa practitioners in luxury hotels around the region.

Dr Rafael Bagheri, Chiropractor, Canada, 24-31 December 2023

Dr Bagheri is an experienced chiropractor with over 16 years’ experience, and has a Bachelor’s degree in Health Science and a Doctor of Chiropractic degree, both from Canada. He is a strong advocate of combining different treatment approaches for neuro-muscular disorders. His expertise includes spinal manipulation, muscle release technique and other modalities. He has worked with physicians and other health care professionals in numerous multi-disciplinary settings with hands-on therapy and clinical chiropractic practices. Dr Bagheri is passionate about achieving optimal postural and spinal health and emphasises a proactive, prevention-based approach using spinal correction rather than alleviating symptomatic pain relief. Dr Bagheri is also a corporate wellness speaker. Dr Bagheri kicked off the resort’s new annual Well-being Series in December 2022, and will welcome guests again for his treatments and services at the end of 2023, to close out the premiere year of Serenity – The Datai Well-being Series.

For more information on Serenity - The Datai Well-being Series and to make a booking during any of the residencies, please visit the dedicated website for The Well-being Series here, call +60.4.9500 500 or email


Notes to Editors:

For high-resolution photos of The Datai Langkawi, please click here.

For high-resolution photos of Serenity - The Datai Well-being Series including press photos of each visiting Practitioner, please click here.


One of the world’s most stunning resorts, The Datai Langkawi, is situated on the northwest tip of the island of Langkawi in Malaysia. Located in an ancient rainforest rich in wildlife and overlooking the tranquil Datai Bay awarded by National Geographic one of the Top 10 Beaches worldwide, the iconic property enchants with mesmerising nature, visionary architecture, understated elegance, and Malaysian hospitality. All the 121 rooms, villas, and suites at The Datai Langkawi, including the five-bedroom The Datai Estate Villa, offer breath-taking views of the surrounding nature. Elevated among treetops, set in the very heart of the rainforest, and located directly on the coastline, the dining outlets which include the award-winning The Gulai House, The Pavilion, The Dining Room, and The Beach Club, pay homage to the exotic flavours and culinary traditions of the region and beyond. Bespoke facilities include The Nature Centre, an educational facility and home to resident naturalists and marine biologists, and The Spa featuring Ramuan treatments, its own Akar retail range, and Voya facials. Leisure facilities include three pools, a state-of-the-art fitness centre at The Health Club; an array of wellness activities including Pilates and yoga, retail outlet The Boutique, a reserved space to showcase local arts and talents at The Atelier, as well as one of the most scenic golf courses in the world designed by golf legend Ernie Els, The Els Club Teluk Datai. The resort has founded The Datai Pledge in 2019 - a sustainability and conservation trust that supports Langkawi’s unique fauna, flora, and communities. All proceeds from The Datai Pledge aid this work and contribute to local non-profit organisation. The Datai Langkawi is managed by Datai Hotels and Resorts Sdn Bhd, a company incorporated to manage and operate hospitality properties in Malaysia and beyond.

For further press information and images, please contact: Nat Frogley ( or Flora Gandolfo ( at Frog & Wolf PR

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