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'Connectors, Treasure Seekers, Powerhouses, Visionaries and Nurturers' alike can now discover which of the five seasonal archetypes they are, what that means, and which is their ‘Power Season’, thanks to a free online quiz and guide from The Harmony Principle. According to founder and Five Element acupuncturist Claire Dabreo, knowing one’s Power Season is the first step to unlocking your fullest creative life potential.

The unique health and wellbeing platform brings together yoga practices, breathwork, journalling ideas, meditations and seasonally specific practices to guide members throughout the year, offering a guide to self-care through accessing acupuncture points with essential oils, supplied each season as part of the subscription. Rooted in the teachings of Five Element acupuncture, The Harmony Principle cites learning to live in harmony with the energy of the five seasons - Winter, Spring, Summer, Late Summer and Autumn - as the central tenet of the programme.

“The foundation of The Harmony Principle’s online programme and events is our understanding of The Creative Cycle and how every season is in fact a power season,” Dabreo explains. “One of the things that can hold us back is that we can get really comfortable staying in one particular gear. Nature teaches us that everything has a time and a purpose, an energetic ebb and flow that holds us in balance and harmony. What we offer is a way to make every season a power season by working with each season as it unfolds. When we work this way we learn how to embody the powers of each one and when we do that we are given a key to unlock our greatest potential.”

The Five Seasonal Archetypes:

The Connector

People are your passion and your relationships are central to everything that happens in your life - but if the rest of the Creative Cycle isn't balanced you may find yourself only working on other people's life goals instead of bringing your own deepest desires for your life into being.

The Treasure Seeker

People look to you as a tastemaker, with your innate appreciation of the finer things in life and the things that truly matter. A balanced Creative Cycle helps to ensure you put equal energy into cultivating your relationships, and your own ideas and plans for balanced growth and a curbing of your magpie tendencies to all areas of your life.

The Powerhouse

You can achieve anything you set your mind to as your stamina and ability to focus on your goals is enviable, however it is good to remember that deep reserves aren't endless resources and unless the rest of the Creative Cycle is balanced then you can find yourself running on adrenaline or facing burnout.

The Visionary

Dynamic and full of ideas, your ability to visualise the future means you are always looking ahead, but bringing plans to their full fruition takes more than ideas and unless the rest of the Creative Cycle is balanced you could find yourself getting taking on too much, frustrated, bored, bogged down or just running out of steam.

The Nurturer

Incredible at holding things together, you are the voice of reassurance and comfort with a gift for tending to people, projects and plans to make sure they work well. Watch out though as you can get very comfortable looking after your own - or everyone else's - needs, so a balanced Creative Cycle will help you keep moving forward, rather than getting stuck in a very comfortable rut.

Take the quiz and receive a free guide to understanding your Power Season. The Harmony Principle's current season is now live for booking. Join now, grow daily:


Watch Claire talk about The Creative Cycle.

About The Harmony Principle:

Founded in 2019 by Five Element Acupuncturist Claire Dabreo, The Harmony Principle is a guide to living in harmony with the energy of the seasons. The online programme was co-created with yoga teacher and aromatherapist Amelia Adrian and offers a season-by-season guide to the power and energy of each season, through the lens of The Creative Cycle. Rooted in the wisdom of Chinese Medicine, The Harmony Principle also offers online and real world events, workshops and more working with a series of collaborators.

For more information please contact:

Sarah Harvey (, Nat Frogley ( or Flora Gandolfo ( at Frog & Wolf PR

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