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The first and largest full immersion health destination in the Middle East, which offers dedicated family wellness alongside its adults only programmes, Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som, is set to host a series of residencies by world renowned practitioners and experts with a range of specialisms drawing from ancient philosophies and cultures, modern medical and nutritional science, and cutting-edge therapies.

Complementing the already vast holistic wellness offering at the resort, the practitioners will offer guests a chance to explore a range of specialised healing methods, from Asian sound therapy to Kati Vasti back treatments, holistic family counselling to couples’ empowerment.

Paul Emery: Health and Wellness Coach (until 31 December 2023) 

A trusted name in the holistic health and wellness field with two decades of global experience, Paul Emery incorporates techniques and practices from nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness to ancient Chinese traditions in his neuroscience touch-based mind-body treatments. Guests can ready themselves for 2024 with three complimentary sessions if they have booked the Stress Reset and Burnout Recovery retreat in December.

Angie Tourani: Body Talk Specialist (8 January to 8 February 2024)

As an Advanced PaRama BodyTalk practitioner and instructor, Angie Tourani incorporates the principles of philosophy and quantum mechanics into modern energy medicine. Specialising in learning problems, digestive issues, sensory integration disorders, and chronic health issues, she provides her clients with holistic solutions to address the underlying causes of their ailments.

Donato Panaccio: Executive coach, meditation teacher, sound therapist (1 February to 1 March 2024)

A meditation teacher and sound therapist, Donato Panaccio has a down to earth approach to wellness drawing from his decade-long research and practice in oriental philosophy. Using sound therapy, music therapy, and Qigong, Donato Panaccio helps clients unlock their intrinsic resources, capacities, and qualities to be happy, focused, and strong.

Jamilah Shroder: Specialist family counsellor and Group therapist (2 February to 29 February 2024)

A recognised member and trainer of the German Association for Family Standing (DGfS), Jamilah Shroder is trained expert and family psychotherapist. Having translated Dr. Hellinger’s book (The Love System) into Arabic, she utilises this technique to support family, psychological, social and health practicalities to help create the best family environment and relationships.

Sirish Helen Shalini (Chikky): Holistic Healer and Coach (15 February to 5 March 2024)

With her natural curiosity and empathetic qualities, Chikky has a compelling presence that draws people in. A hypnotherapist and access bars facilitator, her treatments include holistic empowerment, couples’ empowerment, water flow body balance, and energy healing with sound and access bars, a holistic therapy that activates the body's innate ability to self-heal.

Javier De Prado: Osteo-Thai, Craniosacral, and Visceral manipulation therapist (4 March to 2 April 2024)

Certified by THAI (Thai Healing Alliance International), Javier De Prado specialises in Thai massage, Craniosacral therapy, Visceral Manipulation, and Osteothai. His in-depth understanding of massage techniques drawn from ancient practice allows him to support guests in transformative physiotherapy.

Rajeshwari Amol Nerukar: Energy Healer and Ayurvedic therapist (5 to 20 April 2024)

An expert in Ayurvedic healing, Rajeshwari brings her knowledge in chakra healing which focuses on energy to stimulate healing and combat stress; Abhyanga massage therapy to regulate the circulatory and nerval system; and Asian sound healing in the form of Tibetan Singing Bowls. Additional to Zulal Wellness Resort’s existing treatments, she will also share her proficiency in Kati Vasti, an ancient technique that treats discomfort relating to the back, including chronic tension, a prolapsed disk, or sciatica.

Dr. Aradhana Ghyas: Naturopath, Yoga Master, and Ayurvedic healer (1 to 30 September 2024)

Trained by India’s most prestigious yoga school Bihar School of Yoga and with a wellness career spanning over a decade, Dr. Aradhana Gyas has dedicated her life to alternative medicine and specialises with clients at advanced ages. With her expertise as a naturopath, she will also share body detoxification and cleansing techniques with resort guests during her residency.

Tricia Tee: Seifu Therapist (3 – 24 November 2024)

A Seifu therapist for over 10 years, Tricia has helped people with various conditions and ages live with comfort and relief from the chronic pain they have been suffering. Many clients, especially those with cancer, find her therapy extremely valuable due to the natural relief it provides from chemotherapy. Seifu therapy is non-invasive with no medication and needles.

Patience Bekezela: Sound Healing and Aromatherapy (1 – 23 December 2024)

Patience is an accomplished wellness therapist with a diploma and certificate in beauty therapy. She has contributed to many award-winning hotel spas and resorts across the Middle East and Africa. She has developed treatments that have the influence of African heritage, movements and sounds to reconnect individuals to their roots.

Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som sets the benchmark in the Middle East as the first, and only, full-immersion wellness resort in the region, and one of the largest wellness destinations in the region. The resort is also the world’s first centre for Traditional Arabic and Islamic Medicine (TAIM), a system of healing drawn from Islamic medicinal historians and herbalists. Zulal’s approach and application of proprietary wellness techniques are combined with a holistic wellbeing philosophy established by internationally acclaimed wellness pioneer, Chiva-Som. At Zulal Discovery, an emphasis is placed on instilling wellness knowledge in young guests. This concept of family wellness prevails as parents embrace bonding activities with their children for a better world and the benefit of the generations. The integrated wellness retreat programmes at Zulal Wellness Resort are designed to guide through a journey of ancient healing traditions, relaxation and movement therapies, along with a comprehensive analysis of their health and state of wellbeing. Retreat programmes are available from three to 14 nights in duration, with emphasis placed on improving diet and nutrition, promoting daily physical activity and stress resistance, enhancing sleep quality, and engaging in joyful activities.

Healing Holidays (; 020 7843 3597) can arrange a five-night Taste Of Zulal programme from £2,479 per person, based on two people sharing, including flights, transfers, full board accommodation and inclusions of the programme.




Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som is a unique wellbeing haven, brought to life by Qatar’s premier master developers, Msheireb Properties. Qatar’s largest wellness destination, and the Middle East’s first full immersion wellbeing resort, Zulal Wellness Resort is the world's first contemporary showcase of Traditional Arabic & Islamic Medicine (TAIM). Located in Khasooma, a private coastal location to the north of Qatar, Zulal Wellness Resort brings visitors a distinctive wellness experience, offering the premium international standards that are inclusive of local family values. ‘Zulal’, which is an Arabic word meaning ‘pure natural water,’ offers two venues for health and wellbeing. Adults can access a wide range of therapeutic and lifestyle enhancement treatments based upon TAIM wellness principles in the Zulal Serenity, and Zulal Discovery enables families to enjoy positive wellness experiences together, inspiring young children and their parents with fun, interactive activities that encourage a healthy lifestyle for all family members.

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