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Optimising the body for healthy fasting with tailored retreats, approaches to diet and nutritional advice

The Middle East’s largest and first full immersion wellness destination, Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som, is supporting guests on their journey towards holistic wellness and spiritual purification during the Holy Month of Ramadan. The wellness destination’s tailormade sustainable wellness and dietary retreats are specifically designed to prepare mind and body for periods of fasting, devotion and reflection, supporting optimal health during this important religious time.  


A special time for self-improvement, kindness and spirituality, Ramadan sees those who observe the Holy Month fast from dawn to dusk. Used for centuries as a means of healing and purifying body, mind and spirit, fasting allows the body to detox from overeating and exposure to unwanted chemicals in food and the environment. However, changes to eating habits, sleeping patterns and daily routine can affect physical and mental health and it is therefore important to ensure wellbeing during any period of fasting.  


Juliana Habchi, Senior Nutritionist at Zulal Wellness Resort, advises, “It’s important to ensure that the body, mind and spirit are supported throughout any period of fasting and the quality of what is being eaten during non-fasting hours is much more important than quantity.” 


“Breaking a fast with dates and water can help replenish glucose levels, whilst incorporating other fruit and vegetables helps ensure a variety of nutrients to support the body. A healthy approach to Iftar, the first meal after sunset, can include starting with a healthy, warm soup to help ease digestion, whilst incorporating complex carbohydrates, such as quinoa, oats, millet and brown rice, into Suhoor, the meal eaten before dawn, helps to provide long-lasting energy.” 


Aligned with the phases of the Holy Month – prior, during and post-season – Zulal Wellness Resort’s retreats and personalised meal plans are tailored to focus on preparing for and supporting fasting, bringing guests’ digestive and metabolic systems back to optimal function, whilst also rebalancing mind, body and spirit. 


Before or whilst undertaking Ramadan fasting, Zulal Wellness Resort’s Therapeutic Cleanse Retreat, together with Cleansing Diet, can prepare and support the digestive system by balancing the microbiome and improving the metabolism. Designed to address the unique needs of individuals during Ramadan, these approaches allow guests to embrace the holistic benefits of fasting. 


The first 10 days of Ramadan are considered the days of Mercy; a time to reflect on the body as a blessing, and care for it accordingly. Healing the gut by acting on mental balance is a key step towards optimal health, especially during Ramadan. Zulal’s Mind Body Wellness Retreat and Gut Healing Diet work in tandem to re-establish the connection between gut and brain. 


Each retreat programme at Zulal Wellness Resort includes accommodation and three individually-tailored wellness cuisine meals per day; a personal health and wellness consultation; customised treatments based on individual goals and Ramadan practice; and full access to daily activities and the wellness centre, including hydrothermal suite, sauna, steam rooms, Arctic cave, Himalayan salt room, and multiple swimming pools. 


The middle 10 days of Holy Month are aligned with forgiveness and provide an opportunity to internalise and establish healthy physical and mental lifestyle choices. Building on the positive habits initiated during the first two phases, Zulal’s Sustainable Weight Loss programme focuses on restoring the gut and digestive system functions. The programme combines a personalised meal plan with metabolism-boosting exercises and detoxifying treatments to support and educate guests on best practices to help achieve their long-term wellness goals. 


While the first 20 days of Zulal’s Ramadan programme are aligned with self-discovery and self-improvement, the last 10 are centred on connection, the familial nature of Holy Month and bringing people together. The unique dedicated family offering at Zulal Discovery offers an inclusive Family Bonding Retreat focused on encouraging families, including young ones, to explore healthy habits while fostering stronger familial connections. The programme is designed to create shared experiences that enhance bonds whilst enjoying family-centric activities and meals for a memorable Ramadan experience – especially for children fasting for the first time. 


For more information or reservations, email Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som at, call +974 4477 6500 or visit 




Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som is a unique wellbeing haven, brought to life by Qatar’s premier master developers, Msheireb Properties. Qatar’s largest wellness destination, and the Middle East’s first full immersion wellbeing resort, Zulal Wellness Resort is the world's first contemporary showcase of Traditional Arabic & Islamic Medicine (TAIM). Located in Khasooma, a private coastal location to the north of Qatar, Zulal Wellness Resort brings visitors a distinctive wellness experience, offering the premium international standards that are inclusive of local family values. ‘Zulal’, which is an Arabic word meaning ‘pure natural water,’ offers two venues for health and wellbeing. Adults can access a wide range of therapeutic and lifestyle enhancement treatments based upon TAIM wellness principles in the Zulal Serenity, and Zulal Discovery enables families to enjoy positive wellness experiences together, inspiring young children and their parents with fun, interactive activities that encourage a healthy lifestyle for all family members. 

For further press information and images, please contact: Dara Soeharto (, Leanne Barton (, Nat Frogley ( or Flora Gandolfo ( at Frog & Wolf PR.  

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